Restricted Service until end of June 2024

Crisis only grants

Please read all the information on the Home page before deciding whether to apply.

Restricted Grants Service

Until end of June 2024

Please read all the information below before deciding whether to apply.

St Albans Old People’s Trust will be restricting its services until end of June 2024 due to a staffing shortage.

The Trust will only be open for processing crisis applications.

Crisis Applications

Crisis applications are for those clients which the Trust judges to be in a crisis situation. For example, an essential appliance has completely broken, and/or the client requires immediate support, for example discharge from hospital, or move to new accommodation.

Please note that lead times for responding to queries via phone or email will be significantly longer than usual, as the phones will not be manned every day.

If you believe you have a need which cannot wait until end of June, please contact the Trust via or by calling 07541 659442 or 01727 260701. You will need to leave a message explaining what you need and why you believe you need a crisis grant.

We will aim to respond in 3 working days.

If we agree that you need a crisis grant, we will post/email you an application form, or you can download one here.

If we feel that you will struggle to complete the application form, we may give you an appointment so we can help you, or signpost you to an agency which can help you.

Download an Application

To be considered for a grant you need to provide all the following. We cannot progress your grant without them.

  • An application form, completed with as much detail as possible, including all your financial details
  • Two bank statements
  • Details of your savings
  • Proof of your age

Once we have considered your application, we aim to provide you with a decision within 5 working days. If approved, we will provide the item or service soon after.

All applications deemed non-crisis, will be dealt with from July 2024 onwards. Queries for general information will be answered if and when the team has time. The Trust’s webpage called ‘Other Help’ provides a wealth of useful contact numbers.


Please note the list of supporting documents required for an application to be considered. Also, the requirement for you to explain very clearly why your client requires a crisis grant, rather than waiting until July.

    Crisis Grants Process

    Until end of June 2024



    You call the Trust on 07541 659442 or 01727 260701 or email with a brief description of what you require and your situation



    The Trust responds within 3 working days




    Trust decides that yours is a crisis application. You need to provide:

    • Fully completed application form
    • Two bank statements
    • Details of your savings
    • Proof of your age
    • Trust reviews your application and gives you a response within 5 working days.
    • Provision of item will take a few days or weeks, depending on the supplier

    — OR —


    Trust decides that yours is not a crisis application.

    • You are requested to apply in July 2024
    • If appropriate you will be signposted to other sources of support
    • The Trust’s web page ‘Other Help’ also provides details of other sources of support.