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Crisis only grants

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About us

How is the Trust funded: The Trust’s funds come from the sale of the building and grounds of a local nursing home, Glen Almond Nursing Home, on King Harry Lane, St Albans. Also from two legacies which included properties within the District.

  • Established: May 2000
  • Trustees: 6
  • Annual Expenditure: £255,359
  • Registered Charity No: 222522

The story of St Albans Old People’s Trust starts with the shipping magnate Mr Harold C.C. McIlwraith, a director of the White Star Line and his country home Glen Almond in King Harry Lane, St Albans (shown above). In July 1916 he lent his home to the Commonwealth Government and the Australian Imperial Forces used it as a convalescent home for the sisters and nurses of the Australian Army. It closed in December 1918. During World War II the building was used as a headquarters for MI6 as a base for intelligence activities such as training spies. After the war it became a training centre for the civil defence.


The Trust is managed on a day-to-day basis by a Grants team. As well as administering the grants process, they promote the Trust to the public and liaise with referral agencies. A Secretary assists the Trustee board in ensuring good governance.

Trustee Board

The Trustee board ensures the good governance of the Trust. The Trustees have independent control over and legal responsibility for the Trust’s management and strategic direction. All grant decisions are made by the Trustees. Trustees are unpaid volunteers.

Senior Couple

If you are 60+, resident in the St Albans District and not easily able to afford items or services please contact us.

07541 659442