Restricted Service July – December 2023

Crisis only grants

Please read all the information on the Home page before deciding whether to apply.

Contractor’s Code of Conduct

If you are contracted by the Trust, to work directly for the Trust or to provide goods or services on behalf of the Trust, you agree to:

  • Be fair and reasonable in terms of your fees
  • If requested, provide a quotation in writing without obligation to purchase
  • Provide an itemised invoice and receipt for work done and payment received
  • Have appropriate licences for the work you do
  • Comply with all current health and safety regulations
  • Have in place appropriate Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Be honest, reliable, trustworthy and respectful of older people
  • Make good any work with which there are subsequent problems due to substandard workmanship or material defects following completion of the work

When visiting clients, you agree to:

  • Reply to all voice messages left by clients. (Please advise the client to call the Trust if their request requires a different trade, or cannot be met in a reasonable time)
  • Make appointments in advance by phone and call to cancel if unable to attend.
  • Show your company’s identification when visiting the client
  • Be professional in how you go about your work and leave work area clean and tidy on completion of the work

Tradespersons used by St Albans Old People’s Trust MUST NOT:

  • Ask the client for any payment
  • Commence work without prior agreement
  • Request payment from the Trust before completion of work
  • Take on a job if unable to undertake the work within a reasonable time
  • Pass on a job to a colleague in the trade without the agreement of the Trust
  • Treat a client with disrespect, be rude or abusive
  • Breach a client’s confidentiality
  • However, the Trust takes safeguarding issues very seriously: if you see anything that causes you concern, e.g. serious self-neglect of self, health or surroundings, abusive behaviour by a family member, please contact the Trust asap via phone. Please request a copy of the Trust’s Safeguarding Policy for more details.

YOU MUST NOT advertise as “St Albans Old People’s Trust Approved” or anything similar.

The Trust may give your details to older people who ask us who we use, and can self-pay, but the Trust does not give endorsement, or give approval for its name or logo to be used in any promotional material, online activities or signage of any description.

Covid Guidelines

Covid guidelines which should be adhered to when visiting clients or our offices.

  • Maintain social distancing and comply with any other current Covid safety guidelines.
  • Wear a mask on your face whilst you are at the client premises.
  • Ask the client to stay in a separate room where possible. If space does not allow this, you must maintain a social distance of at least 2m (approx. 6ft).
  • Respect any other specific safety request of the client.

You MUST notify the Old People’s Trust immediately if you, or anyone you have been in contact with is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus.

These can include a constant dry cough, a high temperature, chills/fever, severe headache, sore throat, a loss of taste and/or smell.

This is not an exclusive list of symptoms.