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Increasing Your Income

Here are our tips on how to increase your income by ensuring that you are getting all the allowances and benefits which you are entitled to. We know that, unfortunately, many older people aren’t receiving all the financial help that they are entitled to. Here are some easy steps to take to ensure that you or someone you look after are getting help.

Citizens Advice

Call Citizens Advice St Albans on 01727 811118. They provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. They will check to see what financial benefits you should be receiving including Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance and Disability Benefits and can help you to complete the forms.

Pension Credit

This is extra money that you can claim to top up your pension income, by an average of £65 a week. 1500 people of pensionable age living in St Albans District are missing out on a total of £4 million each year, by not claiming Pension Credit. Although it is called ‘credit’ you do not need to repay it.

Guarantee Pension Credit also acts as a passport to other entitlements, such as:

  • help with housing costs and Council Tax
  • help with NHS costs, including free dental treatment and check-ups, and travel costs for NHS treatment
  • free sight tests and vouchers towards glasses or contact lenses
  • cold weather payments

When you’re 75 or over, you can also apply for a free TV licence if you’re getting Pension Credit. To apply call Citizens Advice on 01727 811118, or the Government Pension Credit hotline on 0800 99 1234 or visit their website.

Attendance Allowance

This is extra money you can claim if you’re over State Pension age and have a long-term disability or health condition. You may be able to claim it if you need help with personal support, or supervision to keep you safe. It is not means-tested, so you can claim it whatever your income or savings.

To apply call the Government Attendance helpline on 0800 731 0122 or visit their website.

The form comes with notes explaining how to fill it in. The form can look daunting, but don’t panic: Citizens Advice can help you complete the form, call 01727 81118

There are two weekly rates:

  • £68.10 if you need help either in the day or at night
  • £101.75 if you need help both during the day and night, or if you’re terminally ill.

A man in Marshalswick was awarded an extra £64.80 per week in Pension Credit.

A couple in Colney Heath were struggling to make ends meet. Citizens Advice helped them apply for Pension Credit and Attendance Allowance. They are now an extra £161.80 per week better off. That’s an amazing £8,400 increase in their income, this year and into the future.

A lady in Sandridge was awarded an extra £28 per week in Pension Credit.

A lady in central St Albans was awarded an extra £99 per week in Pension Credit. She is now £5,100 better off each year.

Senior Couple

If you are 60+, resident in the St Albans District and not easily able to afford items or services please contact us.

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