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Crisis only grants

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How We’ve Helped

Some Recent Grants

for a washing machine for a lady in her 70’s living in Park Street

for a mattress, bedding, hoover, and protective boots for a man in his 60’s from Redbourn.

Kitchen appliances, carpeting, a bed and furniture for a previously homeless man in his 60’s from London Colney

for new sitting room carpet and a hoover for a lady in her 70’s living in Harpenden.

towards a new boiler for a man in his 80’s living in a mobile home in St Albans

Who We’ve Helped Across The District

Mr B, 84

Mr B lives alone in St Albans in a small flat. Although he receives a small private pension on top of his state pension, his income doesn’t stretch to buying big items. He is very deaf and has some health issues which mean he isn’t able to get out much. The Trust has helped him with a range of items: a weekly cleaner; a replacement mattress; cooker; washing machine and hoover, as well as a reclining chair. When he was no longer able to cook for himself, the Trust paid for for daily meals on wheels which helped keep his diabetes stable. Mr B needed to be fitted for new hearing aids and could not afford to have his ears cleaned beforehand. The Trust was able to fund the cost and 3 weeks later he was able to get new hearing aids. The Trust has supported Mr B to sign up for help from St Albans Good Neighbours, who provide him with lifts to his medical appointments and have helped with other small tasks.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you girls at the Trust. Thank you so much for letting me have my angel (Elaine, the cleaner) every week.” — Mr. B

Mrs G, 69

Mrs G lives in Wheathampstead in a Housing Association house. She receives state pension and pension credit, but struggles to make ends meet. Unexpected costs, like a broken appliance are a real financial worry for her. She could not afford to replace her old fridge freezer which had been leaking for months. She heard about the Trust from a friend and within 10 days of receiving her application, the Trust had provided her with a new appliance. On a another occasion her cooker thermostat malfunctioned, causing her smoke alarm to go off each time she cooked. Within a week of her application the Trust had replaced her non-repairable cooker with a new one. Recently she had a cataract operation so needed new glasses. As she receives Pension Credit she got a voucher from her optician for £50 towards the new glasses, but was struggling to pay the remaining £300, so the Trustees approved a grant for the cost.

Miss K, 77

Miss K, lives in her own home in St Albans. She receives a state pension, a small private pension and Attendance Allowance. She struggles financially month to month and the Trust approved a grant for help with her utility debts. A few years later she needed a room painted after a leak had damaged her wallpaper and left stains. The Trust paid for a decorator to strip and paint the room. When her ancient boiler broke down she asked the Trust for support. The Trust signposted her to a scheme which helped people on a low income to access a grant towards the installation of a new boiler. Her application was successful – the scheme paid £900 towards the cost and the Trust contributed with a grant for £1,500, leaving the client only needing to pay the balance of £400.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot thank you enough for your help – I simply do not know what I would have done without you. — Miss K

Senior Couple

If you are 60+, resident in the St Albans District and not easily able to afford items or services please contact us.

07541 659442