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1500 local people of pension age are still missing out on a benefit called Pension Credit, which helps top up low incomes. Here’s an update on one client who recently started claiming Pension Credit.

The Trust noticed that her income looked much lower than the standard pension of around £220 a week.

The client had worked in various part-time care, cleaning and retail jobs whilst bringing up her family. Then she had to stop work before retirement age due to caring responsibilities. When she later applied for her state pension, she thought it was on the low side, but thought this was because she hadn’t worked in paid employment throughout her life. She had never heard that there was extra support to top up her income.  

When she applied to the Trust for several items, we suggested she contacted Citizens Advice to see if she could get pension credit to top up her pension.  

She was very pleased to hear she was eligible to get almost £80 a month in Pension Credit and even more delighted to learn that Pension Credit is a gateway benefit, opening up access to all sorts of other free support including free dental treatment and Cost of Living payments.  

“Thank you all so much for telling me about the Pension Credit. I had no idea it existed or that I could apply for this. No one had told me about it at all. £80 extra a month really helps me. I no longer have to worry about money. Thank you also for the washing machine, fridge freezer and supermarket voucher for £200 which you gave me, as there was no way I could have afforded them.”